Our Services

Valley have one goal to keep your production line running.

From planning major maintenance projects, routine service to our 24hr emergency response – everything is communicated, documented and where possible, agreed in advance.


24 Hour Call Out

At Valley contract customers receive our 24hr call out service. We have a guaranteed site attendance within 4 hours of the first call being logged.

At Valley engineers carry all the tools they need and we recommend clients keep a full set of critical spares on site.

Planned Maintenance

At Valley we believe in planned preventative maintenance as the best way to ensure all refrigeration equipment runs both efficiently and more importantly when required.

Valley audits customer refrigeration equipment to ensure manufacturers guidelines and requirements are met in a timely manner.






Maintaining a temperature-controlled environment is critical to achieving the stringent legal requirements for safe food production.

Refrigeration is an essential part of modern life. From keeping prepared food safe through to providing a comfortable working environment, it touches us all.